About DonateNow

Helping YOU to support the incredible
work of New Zealand charities!

DonateNow is a web based payment portal established specifically to give donors to leading New Zealand Charities online donation options. Our mission is to provide donors with a quick, simple and secure method of making a one off or regular donation to the charities that use our service.

Donation Methods

DonateNow gives you the option of supporting a charity by either making a one-off donation or becoming a regular giving donor.

One-off Donations

One off Donations are simply that! A single donation that is made immediately. The minimum donation amount is $5.

Regular Giving Donations

You can choose to make a regular monthly donation using DonateNow's easy to use and highly secure regular giving option. Simply select this option, enter your credit card details, choose an amount and we will take care of the rest. All donations are recorded and fully receipted. No credit card information is stored by DonateNow. Our bank approved service provider, Paystation, holds these details securely. The minimum regular giving donation amount is $5.


Donors are automatically emailed a receipt for every one-off donation made over NZ $5. Where a one-off donation is made a donation receipt is automatically e-mailed to the address provided and this receipt can be used to claim a donation tax credit with Inland Revenue. Where a regular donation is established an e-mail confirming the details of the regular donation is sent immediately. Shortly after the 31st of March each year a donation receipt for the total amount given during the past year will be automatically e-mailed to the address provided and this receipt can be used to claim a donation credit with Inland Revenue.

Technology Partners and Information

DonateNow takes its role very seriously, given its involvement with the not-for-profit sector. As such, we have carefully selected our technology partners, all of whom are known for being at the leading edge of technology provision, support and security.

Payment Processing

All DonateNow payment processing is undertaken via Paystation who are New Zealand's premier certified online payment gateway and facilitate seamless connectivity for settlement into every bank in New Zealand. Paystation provides DonateNow with the software that allows for real time processing of credit card transactions. Paystation was selected because of its status in New Zealand, the robust nature of its solution offerings, and it's fit with the DonateNow model.

Web Hosting and Server Hosting

Web and Server hosting for DonateNow is provided by our technology partner and hosted on FreeParking who utilize the latest security technology.


DonateNow is 100% New Zealand owned and operated and is designed to provide a safe and simple method of processing donation payments for the not for profit sector. We are 100% committed to the protection of your personal information including credit card details as outlined in the privacy policy.

Risk Mitigation

DonateNow is acutely aware of the highly sensitive nature of not-for-profit fundraising, and that organizations associated with raising funds for that sector must have in place secure highly visible systems and processes. As noted, our web based solution uses state of the art SSL encryption technology.